Docker Plex Server

This is how I made my Plex media server…

When I started this project I had no idea of how to get started but doing some research I was able to complete it. This is not the only way to create a Plex server, nor the easiest, but I decided to do it this way to get familiarized with Docker and because I have other plans for this server.

  • Set-up Server
  • Docker
  • Plex Image
  • Plex to go
  • Movies

To install your very own movie streaming platform, you need to start with a server to store and stream the movies you wanna watch. You can use any old PC or buy one for a really good price in eBay with good enough specs for a server like I did. Here is an example of what you can find.

This is the same model I got for my server with very similar specs, for under $100. Not bad, I actually bough mine for about $80 so it’s always good to do an in depth research comparing prices and specs.

After you get your computer/server you’ll want to prepare it. In my case my computer came with no OS so I had to install Ubuntu Server as this is what I decided to use.

Headless Server

I decided to run my server headless, or basically just without a screen.

After I had my server up and running the next step was to install Docker. As installing Docker in a computer is pretty straightforward I will focus on the Ubuntu Server installation.

Docker on Ubuntu Server

To install Docker on Ubuntu Server you just need to type this command:




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